Win xp keeps rebooting after updating upmarket dating johannesburg

05-Oct-2018 22:17

I don't know what is wrong, but my computer keeps restarting on its own. I thought is was the Blaster Worm but I have Windows ME. Please run the free online virus scanner at the links below:

win xp keeps rebooting after updating-84

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I sent my computer off to have the system re-loaded and it came back a few weeks later, fine! (Be sure to download, install, and run the antispyware tools mentioned.) It may take a while to follow all the procedures but it should help: Cleanup Steps The power supply is the item that supplies power to the computer tower.. blow out the internet components with compressed air, im seriously really dumb!

Restart the computer, run the programs, and generally test to make sure that any necessary files haven't been removed.

If you don't experience any problems, and you shouldn't, then remove that bunch from the Recycle Bin, then choose another group of files from the C\Windows\Temp folder and delete them to the Recycle Bin. re using Win Me, temporarily disable your 'System Restore' by RIGHT clicking on 'My Computer', choose 'Properties'. This will decrease the ever-increasing size of System Restore.

So, I ask you, Microsoft, do you truly believe automatic restarts are in the user's best interest?

I can't tell you how many times this has happened to me over the years, and this behavior makes me absolutely furious.Thanks for the tip, I will try this and see if it works as well. You can change that (for example, if you want other page margins or another font in all your new documents) and it's the default place to store the macro's you record.Of course you can create new templates yourself (one for a letter, one for a report, one for a fax).Now do I delete all of them or just the ones that i don't think that i will need. Normally, these all should be safe to delete, UNLESS you have 'saved' any personal documents here.