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11-Dec-2018 21:50

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Depigmentation or discolouration is caused by the lack of melanin in that particular area. In this case, the melanin pigment, which is present at the hair follicle of that particular area, decreases noticeably.

So, hair of that area becomes white in colour making it looks very odd, undoubtedly. Some of them are as follows: Sometimes, if parents have some genetic issues, that can be inherited in a newborn baby. Try to eliminate the causative factors which are present to grow white hair patches.

Also, white hair patch is such a thing that can lower anyone’s self-esteem.

Basically, this is a small localized patch of white hair that grows in between the regular hair.

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As Poliosis can be caused by various reasons, a patient of this disease should be gone through a thorough medical check-up of the full body.

This is the full THREE VOLUME SET, not a single volume.

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