Video dating a gamer

15-Nov-2018 02:09

A gamer is a person who plays interactive games, either video games, board games, skill-based card games or physical games, and plays for usually long periods of time.

There is no general consensus on the definitions or names of these categories, though many attempts have been made to formalize them.

A team tag is a prefix or suffix added to a name to identify that the gamer is in a team.

Teams are generally sub-divisions within the same clan and are regarded within gaming circuits as being a purely competitive affiliation.

These gamers are usually in an online league such as the Cyberathlete Amateur League (C. L.) and their parent company the Cyberathlete Professional League (C. L.) where all grouped players were labeled as teams and not clans.

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A clan or guild is a group of players that form, usually under an informal 'leader' or administrator.

These expectations include not only a high level of dedication to playing games, but also preferences for certain types of games, as well as an interest in game-related paraphernalia like clothing and comic books.

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