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07-Mar-2019 19:25

If your closet is immune to evolving naturally, or you have a knack for clinging to things long after they’ve expired, you might have to set aside a time and make the effort to update your look. Is your wardrobe composed of: If you’ve answered yes to any of these, your wardrobe needs an update to fit your life, and your style.Style is the simple concept that your look is deliberate.This is a option for those looking to maintain or update their capsule wardrobe.You can pick out three articles of clothing and two accessories each month.A pair of high-quality trousers can be worn almost anywhere... Bean; wool pants – Lands’ End The necklace shown here is fast becoming a classic...The navy ribbed tee shirt is a notch more elegant than the white cotton tee shirt, so that provides you with additional options. It's available in FIFTEEN different combinations, and I see them everywhere!At any rate, I think that these colors make amazing accents...One could easily include some gold, some medium blues and a bit of grey and live with the color-scheme forever. This version of The Common Wardrobe is a hair dressier than usual - no jeans, and a pair of navy wool pants in their place.

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I see this painting all of the time - it's in the Art Institute of Chicago - and I swear that I see navy blue in the areas near the horizon!

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I think the idea of it got me so excited because it works for basics as well as branching out to try some pieces that aren’t your usual style.

You get to wear them with the wardrobe you’ve already curated and get a true feel for how much use you will get out of it. Your clothes should complement your lifestyle and hobbies.If you look inside your closet and get one big, “Blah! Building a great wardrobe doesn’t often happen overnight.TERMS OF USE One image per article and minor excerpts of written content may be used conditioning that full and clear credit is provided with specific direction to the original content.

Updating a Navy Wardrobe for Autumn - Start with Art Shattered Tree by Otto Dix… continue reading »

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