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19-Nov-2018 06:26

Sarah Silverman (born 2 December 1970) is a Jewish-American actress, stand-up comedian, writer, singer and musician.

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There were several things worth celebrating during Sarah Silverman’s return to the Stern Show on Monday morning – mainly that she was even still alive to visit Howard.

(Kimmel has two children with ex-wife Gina, whom he was married to for 14 years until they divorced in 2002.) PHOTOS: Celebrity exes reunited In January, Silverman made a special appearance on when Matt Damon hijacked the show from Kimmel.

"She dated Jimmy Kimmel for five years, and made love to me for two incredible minutes," Damon introduced the comedienne, who co-starred in the celebrity-packed hit spoof, "I'm f–king Matt Damon." PHOTOS: Lavish A-list weddings When asked to describe her relationship with Kimmel, Silverman joked, "You know when you're in New York and you pass by those hot dog vendors and you're like, ' I'm not going to eat this.

She told Howard when she woke up, her instinct was to pull the tube out but she couldn’t since her hands had been restrained.

“I just assumed I had been captured by ISIS,” Sarah joked.

Similar to Natalie Portman’s jab at the Golden Globes, in which she slyly emphasized that the Best Director nominees were all men, Silverman’s comment was easy to miss.