Shenzhen women dating

10-Jan-2019 07:25

“I know it sounds crazy, but in China, despite having more than 37 million [single] men, we can’t get married.

Girls are still being discriminated against very much by the age,” wrote Don in a passionate e-mail response.

Yet when Yu’s three-decade-long marriage broke up because of her husband’s infidelity and new fatherhood, she was the one who initiated the divorce. With the increase of “leftover” men in China, the tides seem to have turned, empowering Chinese women who seek marriage partners.

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This app uses the same Swipe Right or Left matching method as Tinder.Eventually, Chinese women are expected to make compromises and accept the destiny of a married life.“It is now okay to marry someone divorced or widowed.So the standard of the spouse’s family becomes the most important factor in a marriage, instead of the affection.” In Don’s view, the recent adoption of the two-child policy will only add more hurdles to women getting married.