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Varrock is also the capital city of the kingdom of Misthalin.Varrock can be entered through the north gate from the Wilderness, through the east gate, through the south gate from Lumbridge, and through the west gate from Barbarian Village. Fortunately, the guards are not aggressive, meaning that if a low level player walks near them, the player will not be attacked.The wanderers, taking the boys' strength as a good omen, made a camp in the forest.It is said that, on that day, "both sun and moon were mingled in the sky." Varrock's banks are located near the east gate and near the west gate.Varrock's location in relation to the Wilderness makes it the best spot for low-level player killers.

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The basement contains a south room with coins, one gold ore, one gold bar, a gold necklace, and a ruby ring behind a locked door.

Some of the most common items seen for sale here are rune essence, and player killing goods such as food, lower levelled weapons and armour, runes, and potions.

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