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07-Jun-2019 13:22

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I am a senior in high school and my parents are very overprotective and will not let me have a boyfriend.I try to show them that I'm responsible and can make my own decisions.But, this blanket rule can get tricky by the time your child is in high school.It is common for the cheer squad, the dance team, or service club members to sleep over at someone's house for an early morning practice or competition."It’s not 'cute' to treat your daughter as if she has zero common sense." And she has a point.Here are some signs that your spouse may going over the top and on his way to become an overprotective dad.

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"It’s not 'funny' to threaten my son," Kasey Ferris wrote in Huffington Post.Can you tell me what I can do to make them trust me to go out with a guy?It appears that you have shown your parents that you should be trusted to make your own decisions about dating. To be sure, they believe that their efforts are in your best interests but you cannot really mature if you can't make your own decisions, even if they conflict with your parents.Helicopter Mom, Tiger Mom, and Snowplow Mom are the buzz words you hear when someone is trying to describe an overprotective parent.