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21-Dec-2018 03:15

She's gets mad and says it's "soooo not true" but her actions point to something different. I really want this to be a normal relationship, because she's cool to talk to and she's also a HB8 (in my eyes). I was messing with a girl in college who had a boyfriend back home. She LOVED to make out...would make out with random guys at clubs, bars, etc... " It's so unfortunate, but I have yet to see either of these girls overcome it and chances are they never will. You've already stated that her last 2 relationships were complete disasters..are so will yours because you've stated it has already started.

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She blamed herself for this, and since then have had trouble with relationships. The second to last one she absolutely refused to have sex with him, and it lasted for 4 months.For the sex part she would say soon, or it will happen when it happens. She won't call me her Boyfriend because she wants me to become her bestfriend as well. If so, I'd say she's using you like a "sugar daddy" and stringing you along for the fun.I dont get it though, we would kiss(not make out kiss), cuddle, act like a couple when were out but dont want me to call me her boyfriend cause of that and no sex. Tell her you two aren't a good match and wish her well. You aren't hers until she accepts you as her boyfriend.I pre-gamed it pretty good, made sure there was no resistance. She said "look, can you just leave it." If there ever was a boner killer (for me) it's those words. In fact, I'm not turned on unless she's turned on, so this totally killed it for me the first time this happened.

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