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Actually, out-of-battery fire is quite uncommon with any rifle.

Some folks think that any gun that fires as the bolt closes has fired out of battery, but usually the bolt has either fully locked or has locked enough to prevent a true out-of-battery condition.

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My father is a petroleum engineer and recently was working on a rig in south Texas and one of the workers was talking about a gun that he had for sale that he didn't even know what it was. Dad is always interested in a new old rifle, and said he was interested.

The worker came in with this M1 Carbine, and dad offered the clueless fool 0 for it, and the transaction was quickly made final. Maybe it's just here in Texas, but a few months ago a buddy of mine who knew I was looking for an M1 Carbine called me from a gun store in Canton, Tx to tell me they had a carbine for sale for 9.00. Even with the Import stamp on the barrel and a round bolt, It's still a good deal.

1944 - May 1944) International Business Machine Corp.

This report is called the Annual Firearms Manufacture & Export Report (AFMER).

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This report states, "For the purpose of this report only, "Production" is defined as firearms, including separate frames or receivers, actions or barreled actions, manufactured and disposed of in commerce during the calendar year." The phrase "manufactured and disposed of in commerce" infers everything was manufactured and sold within the same calendar year, which is rarely the case in manufacturing.

As for the out of battery, just get into the habit of manually seating the bolt each time you fire. I don't know if I would call this an "immediate life hazard", but we have at least one credible description of a late Universal firing out of battery.

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