Google latitude not updating

26-Jun-2019 10:51

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The option is the same that we've had in Google for a few years, except it would now be in the app that made most sense, Maps.It also follows Google's trend of decoupling options and features from Google .The video also shows off how users can share their car trips with friends, so they can see an ETA on when the sharer should be arriving.Last week, Google announced new location sharing features in Google Maps that would allow you to easily share your current position momentarily or indefinitely with select people.And if they finally tap to update Google Maps, they're redirected to the Play Store with no update in sight for Maps.It looks like a case of eager fingers pulling the plug too soon on the feature from Google without making sure it's already live in Maps.we know it gets the new position correctly but doesn't visually update on the map.When I use Google Maps it sets my Google Latitude location, but once I turn Maps off it stops.

When google-map calls I believe this is related to #168.In the interim, I suggest maybe you give Trusted Contacts a try to at least have the option to request someone's location if you're worried about them.It's not the same as live sharing, but it should cover the most crucial situations while Google sorts this mess out and releases an update to Maps.It will syncup with Google Latitude using either GPS or WIFI at the defined interval, even when the application is not running.

Google today announced an update coming to the i OS, Android, and desktop versions of Google Maps will introduce a way for users to share their real-time locations with friends and family.

A small icon above the compass in the app will remind users that their location is being shared for the period of time they requested, but they can also choose to end sharing early.

Feb 25, 2016. Since the value is not updated, google-map-marker's _mapChanged and indirectly _contentChanged method is never called. google-map id="map" map=map template is="dom-repeat" items="data" google-map-marker map=map latitude="item.latitude" longitude="item.longitude".… continue reading »

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See where someone is. If someone shares their location with you, you can see them on the map. Open the Google Maps app Google Maps. Tap Menu Menu and then ​Location sharing. Choose someone. To see an updated location, tap on a friend's icon and then More More and then Refresh.… continue reading »

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Jul 10, 2013. If your friends don't use Google's social network, there's no way to use Google Maps for their location anymore. If you try to use Google Maps without installing the next update so you can keep this feature, know that Google will be officially retiring Latitude and disabling the feature on August 9. Google Maps.… continue reading »

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IsProviderEnabledLocationManager. GPS_PROVIDER { listener = new LocationListener { @Override public void onLocationChangedLocation location { // double valueLatitude = location.getLatitude; // double valueLongitude= location.getLongitude; double precision = Math.pow10, 6; double valueLatitude = int.… continue reading »

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I found this from the Google Mobile Help forum after a little searching. It's from 8/15/09 so I actually see something a little different on my phone Settings Location Google Location Services. I haven't tested it but hope it helps. Quoting the site Hi everyone, Apologies for not updating this thread specifically.… continue reading »

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