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16-Oct-2018 11:53

Let us do it quickly quickly before God turns around to look at us we have finished.'No, don't hurry, God knows you're doing it.'She said she feared some men raped their wives because they did not want sex at a particular moment, and urged the men to be more mindful about how their women are feeling.'There are some Christian men that rape their wives, they are Christians but they rape their wives. Reverend Gloria Madugba handed out foreplay tips and scolded male churchgoers for rushing sex during the bizarre sermon, believed to have been delivered at a church in Port Harcourt, in the country's south'Some of you men here, the only romantic word on your lips is O girl lie well, o girl turn.'If you do it the right way you won't have to apply for visa before she gives you entrance.'Like some of the men you'll wind and wind her like a microphone and she'll now tell you 'my head my shoulder my knees my toes, everywhere is paining me just leave me alone' because she knows you don't know how to do it.' The pastor received widespread praise online.One social media user said: 'It isn't awkward at all.

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But then, Cosmo chicas don’t really need that warning, do they?

The study continued to explain that the peculiar nature of Internet pornography makes addiction more likely, and that today’s consumption of pornography can harm women and children in particular, adding that “modern trends in pornography consumption and production, sexualized media, sex crime, online sexual predators, Internet dating services, and sexualized cyber-bullying, have created a world more sexually disorienting, daunting and aggressive than every before” where our children are exposed to pornographic and sexual content at earlier and earlier ages in developmentally damaging ways.