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Before entering those sacred vaults we chose to walk around.Gusts of wind slashed our clothes, swelled our hair, though the sun was shining gently. In the movie, by that arch passed with his donkey Friar John sent by Laurence to Romeo with the fatal letter.Here Romeo gave Juliet's nurse the news about the secret wedding. How could I ever think that one day I happened to be here!Here is the opening on the left side of the altar through which Juliet impetuosely rushed out"so light a foot will never wear out" (as written by Shakespeare). It is important for me, in such moments, to exchange a glance with somebody who understands and shares my own emotions. We again take some shots, then through steps we go down to the crypt.How charming is the rose-window on the church entrance!lthough, in effect, it is not the window shown in the movie, as the latter had been created anew in Cinecitta after the style of the facade of another ancient Tuscania church of Santa Maria Maggiore...a small stone ledge similar to a long stone bench.

Within short we got to the external walls of the temple.

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Dinner for two, champagne, live music for the two of us and dancing till the morning It was so well organized, that I just.

We stopped for a little while, enough to get in love with its picture-like aspect and imprint it in a photo.

The wind was blowing clouds through the sky and the sun appeared on the ground in stripes.

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