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Organisers - If your equestrian events are not on here then you are Missing Out - find out Why.Advertisers - Want to promote your products or services to our large equestrian community - find out How.Take a look to Barefoot horse webring, where you'll find lots of really scientific - and new - knowledge about.--Alex brollo , 4 November 2005 (UTC) The barefoot section right now is all interjection, so i put a NPOV tag on it.It doesn't cite any evidence, and seems to be interjecting a lot of opinion. D-rew , 20 September 2006 (UTC)And please don't make out all traditional shoers to be "backward".This is known as an "open-toed eggbar", and requires extra nail holes be punched into the shoe so that the attachment can be made forward of the widest part of the hoof.There is even a name for this type of shoeing, "banker shoe," derived from the idea that bank robbers might purposely nail the shoes backwards on their horses to throw off any would-be followers.Competitors Everything in One place See what's on near you using just one site Access to Schedules for class information etc Filters to display only what's relevant to you Information on location, directions, weather Horse Dates is used by over 200 Equestrian Centres, Riding Clubs, Pony Club Branches, Horse Societies and Show Organisers.Competitors - To use the full functionality of Horse Dates then Register a FREE Account Now Latest News: New Filters for Events display You can now combine a Search on any text within the Event Name, Venue, Organiser and Keywords/Tags with the existing standard filters for Month, Region/County and Event Type to provide a list of Events that you want to see.

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I would like to know which way a horseshoe is supposed to be oriented.Traditionally, the balance of opinion is that most of the weight is borne by the hoof wall, and transferred to the distal phalangeal bone via the laminar junction.However, this belief came from observations of horses on hard surfaces and often with hooves that were modified by farriery.The term "sole" for the skin of a horse's foot that touches the ground is wrong. -phma In veterinary terms (and in general with farriers as well), the sole is the concave bottom of the hoof, composed of horn tubules which curve at the ends and are then shed. The frog is the triangular region of less-keratinized epidermis which subdivides the sole in the caudal third of the foot, between the bars.