Caledonian granite radiometric dating tests

14-May-2019 06:09

On the other hand, 42% of the biotite flakes from the granite samples yielded single-ring radiohalos (Figures 4, 5, 7). Ring diameters of 19.2 µm (micrometers) were measured which correspond to diameters reported for Po halos could not be determined due to them being so tiny as to be virtually impossible to see.

In some instances very dark and concentrated, essentially circular in cross-section, radiation stains were observed (Figure 8), but no zircons or other crystals surrounded by diffuse stains such as observed in the xenoliths were found.

Xenoliths collected from the same site are devoid of radiohalos, but do contain crystalline inclusions (probably zircons) that are bordered by diffuse radiation stains.

The granite samples in this study yielded no zircon crystals and no diffuse radiation stains.

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The diffuse, oblong patterns of the stains are probably because of the large sizes and oblong shapes of the zircons.

Instead, these stains are restricted to areas surrounding the outer edges of zircons.

Thus these diffuse radiation stains around the zircon crystals in these Stone Mountain xenoliths are probably due to decay, after granite cooling, of U and/or Th in the zircons that was included in the zircon crystals when they originally formed.

About 50 tapes of biotite flakes from the granite samples and 50 tapes of biotite flakes from the xenolith samples were examined. The darker areas of the biotite are due to increased thickness of the biotite. Xenolith samples contained no identifiable, circular radiohalos with concentric rings.

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Po radiohalo in Stone Mountain granite (120X magnification). Radiation stains were observed in xenoliths, but only always associated with microscopic crystal inclusions (probably zircons) (Figure 6).

Hydrothermal fluids containing radioactive elements could have flowed through the biotite cleavage planes associated with zircons during the cooling of the granite after these xenoliths had been included in it, and thus could have supplied the zircons with the U and/or Th responsible for the diffuse stains.

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Caledonian orogen. Sedimentary cover. Vendian–Cambrian. Ductile shear zone. Older Svecofennian supra- crustal rocks c. 1.96–1.88 Ga. Karelian rocks c. Radiometric dating results 5. Uppsala 2002. Sveriges geologiska undersökning. C 834, pp. 12–17. ISBN 91-7158-668-7. The Lina granite in northern Sweden.… continue reading »

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