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24-Jan-2019 02:50

Apparently, the members hadn't been paid since March 2012.On top of that, CEO Lee had solicited the boys parents for money and then disappeared with it.Quite frankly, I think AKP has officially lost credibility with dating rumors.Let's be real, anyone can see interactions and misunderstand it.We reached out to our sources at Stardom Entertainment and although the company denied the rumors, an employee who wishes to remain anonymous has confirmed that the two have been and are still dating. i don't like her..Zico it's my idol because of him now i become a rapper in roumania.......i am happy for them...(but if i will met zico i wish ;they will breack up) sweet dreams..they are still dating now? Block B were a little too childish, but they would never make fun, they're idols, you really think they would do that on purpose?Over the past two years, these young men have been fighting a war.However, the person who wrote the article didn't write the entire response to a question, and instead of the boys' sincerity showing through, it appeared as though they were making fun and teasing the people of Thailand.To make things worse, 2PM member, Nichkhun, who just happens to be Thai, blasted the group on Twitter, which caused a lot of people who didn't know about the interview to find out.

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I honestly hope the person who did it has thought seriously about the damage they have caused and won't do it to any other artists.

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