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”I blinked and stopped, looking back to see a white-furred unicorn heading down the corridor towards me and I turned towards him. She, on the other hand, sidled to the side to stay out of the way. I'm still not entirely sure why Luna picked that one, but she just grinned and said I would find out at a later time. Raising a hoof, I called down the waitress for the bill before turning back to Luna. She looked completely unbothered by the cool wind even in her thin dress.“So, Miss Starfall, what would you like to do next? I think it is a classic of some sort so we probably haven't both seen it yet. “We have indeed, thank you.” she said and the waitress moved off with a smile as Luna checked the bill.“Starfall, if I may? Even looking like a unicorn, she wasn't really one. the third one.” I answered, keeping things as generic as I could in case somepony overheard us. “Without the elements, she might equal perhaps a third of my power.He was wearing both jacket and pants, covering his mark as well.“Give me the money! Luna and I just froze and stared at him in surprise before I blinked and grinned, charging up a shield spell so I could cast it at a moment's notice. You have got to be the unluckiest guy in Equestria. The next second she was joined by five other night guards who piled onto the would-be robber and I took a step back in surprise.

You really should just put that knife down.” I said and carefully shifted a bit closer to Luna, keeping him in my field of vision as I did my best to glance around. I knew Skitter had been following us, I spotted her once earlier and I had suspected there were more guards keeping a eye on us, but I didn't think there were that many.“...Smiling, I took a sip from the sweet wine before putting the glass back down.“You know, we really should do this again sometime.The normal place is quite nice, but I rather like this one.” I said and took in the restaurant.